Together, We Joyfully Invite You to the Very First ...

Dolphinity Retreat
in Sedona!

April 25-29, 2018
Angel Valley Retreat Center


Imagine … 

Leaving your day-to-day world behind for 3+ blissful days in magical Sedona … 

Being surrounded by big skies, majestic red rocks, and gorgeous, gurgling Oak Creek flowing just footsteps away …

Communing with Dolphin … communing with Nature … exploring an abundance of sacred sites and vortexes … splashing together in the creek ... receiving gifts and blessings from the high frequencies and spiritual presences of Angel Valley. 

Immersing yourself in the high, fine frequencies of Dolphin Love, Joy, and Oneness with an intimate, open-hearted and open-minded pod of beautiful humans who share your deep love and reverence for dolphins.

Exploring together … learning together … growing together … expanding together … eating together … meditating together … dancing together … healing together … playing together … laughing together … and probably even crying together. 

Returning home a more embodied, more in love, more powerful, more joyful, lighter and brighter version of your already gorgeous self!

I’ll read all of this later ...
How much, & how do I sign up?

What is the Intention for this retreat?

In this retreat, with the love and support of the dolphins, you will deepen your ability to …

Know yourself …
Love yourself …
and Express yourself.

When you deepen into self and align with your divinity … when you love yourself fully … only then can you connect with others - without losing yourself (!) - in pure love, joy, truth, and authenticity. 

That, beloved podmate, is Unity-Community.
That is how dolphins live all the time.
That is one of the greatest gifts Dolphin has for humanity.

What will we be doing?

We will connect deeply with self, with one another, with Dolphin and Whale and Ocean, and with All That Is. 

You will receive the best and most relevant Dolphin School teachings and practices, and also brand new teachings and processes that the dolphins have been bringing us especially for this retreat.
You will learn and practice many of the core Dolphin Living Skills mastery practices, and also introductory Dolphin Energy Healing training.

We humans have lots more to learn from the dolphins!

There will be yummy healings, energy transmissions, meditations, and field plays.
Many of the processes and practices we'll be doing can only be done when we’re together physically, as a pod.

You will receive one Dolphin Attunement transmission during the retreat.
Usually, Dolphin Attunements are transmitted virtually in a conference call.
It's way cool to receive a Dolphin Attunement in person, with a pod!
(Click here to learn more about the Dolphin Attunements.)

You will spend time on the land, both in your own energy and with the pod, integrating, reflecting, and receiving the multitude of gifts and messages the land has for you

And we will open together to new inspiration and co-creation flowing in the moment in this special place!

Tell me more … go deeper …

Beloved Dolphin creates our sacred space in the most magical, wondrous way.
In this field of Divine Dolphin Love and Joy, we are carried into, and luxuriate in, the sublime state of Pod Mind ... and Pod Heart.

In this field, in these frequencies, it’s easier for your spirit to inhabit your body.
It’s easier for your soul to emerge to lead you, guide you, and inspire you.
Linear time drops away.

As you’re deepening into yourself, Dolphin weaves filaments of light around and among us all, creating a warm, loving, safe, joyous, and caring pod.
In this totally safe, nurturing, and sacred environment, you are completely free to bring your exquisite authentic self to the surface.

All is welcome here.
No holding back! 
No making yourself small to protect those around you who don’t get you.

No one here will tell you you’re weird … or that they don’t understand you … or you’re crazy. 
We get you! 
We love you, we support you, and we celebrate you!

Can you feel that? 
Are you breathing more deeply and freely just imagining that?

We truly believe 2018 is a break-free year for many of us who have been on our spiritual journeys for a long time – even lifetimes!
This intimate retreat is going to be profoundly transformative, strengthening, empowering and uplifting.

You will be met where you are, loved as you are, and every tiny, medium and huge shift and ah-ha moment you experience will be celebrated.

Linda pulled 3 divination cards for this retreat:

Light - My light radiates through my life and the world around me!
Awakening - I am joyously awake and aware ... and ready for anything!
Impeccability - I am impeccable in my thought, word, and deed!

(These cards are from Denise Lin’s Soul Coaching Oracle Card deck - highly recommended!)

Are you feeling it?

About Sedona 

Sedona is one of the most transformative places on Earth. 
Tourists, spiritual seekers, and adventurers from around the world come here by the millions each year to receive the gifts this unique land has to offer.

The land of Sedona has been the ocean floor multiple times in Earth's history.
The energy of Ocean is present her.
Spirit dolphins abound here.

Sedona was Linda's and David's home for most of Linda's seven-year journey of metamorphosis, created and guided by the dolphin consciousness, that culminated in her awakening in January 2003.
During that extraordinary time in Linda's life, the red rocks were her teachers, her friends, and silent, sacred witnesses to her extraordinary inner journey.

Of all the amazing, wondrous place on Earth, Sedona is Linda's 100% perfect match.
Linda experiences Sedona to be grounding, strengthening, and inspiring.
It is her home-sweet-home in this lifetime.

About Angel Valley Retreat Center

This gorgeous, pristine retreat center gives us access to the best Sedona has to offer – beautiful red rocks, walking and hiking trails, the sacred waters of Oak Creek and the local wells (tested, blessed and acknowledged by Dr. Emoto!), powerful energy vortexes - in a private, peaceful, sacred setting away from the crowds of tourists and adventure seekers.

There are two labyrinths, a medicine wheel, a water wheel, an Angel walk – there’s even a Dolphin Consciousness circle that is SO powerful – and so much more.

The center provides all of our meals and lodging exquisitely, so we can focus without distraction on what we've come together to create and discover.
We will all be fully nourished, supported, and taken care of in a beautiful way.

Like all Dolphinity experiences, this gathering will be co-created by Linda, David, Dolphin, Archie, and Linda's dolphin spirit guide Iris.
Here in Angel Valley, we will also be blessed by our special guest spirit co-creators: the angels!
And ... no promises ... but Angel Valley does have quite a reputation for E.T. and Star Family visitations.

Angel Valley Sedona is a sacred place.
Do spend some time on their website to see all they have to offer.
It’s very inspiring.

Our Schedule

Wednesday, April 25
1pm-5pm Check-in at Angel Valley, and settle into your room.
6pm - Our first dinner with the pod!
7pm - Opening circle and evening program.

Thursday, Friday & Saturday - April 26-28
Three full, glorious days immersed in Dolphin Love, Pod Heart/Mind, in this pristine, sacred setting surrounded by the Sedona red rocks, abundant with sacred sites, Oak Creek access, and healing waters. 

Sunday, April 29
Breakfast and completion gathering, with check-out by 11am. 
This is early enough to fly home Sunday afternoon.

BUT, we encourage you to stay for a day or three after the retreat, for some open PLAY time in magical Sedona. 
Linda & David are planning to keep Monday open to hike and play with those of you who stick around.

If you'd like to stay for additional days in your room at Angel Valley, you can make those arrangements with them directly. 

Price & Registration

This is going to be an intimate group - our maximum capacity for this retreat is only 18 podmates.
First come, first served!

The all-inclusive price of this retreat - including your lodging, all meals, and the retreat tuition - 
is $1,333.

You can secure your spot with a $333 non-refundable deposit.
In that case, the $1000 balance is due by Wednesday, April 11.

Bonus! If you who have never received a Dolphin Attunement, this price includes your First Dolphin Attunement, delivered during the retreat, for no additional charge. (save $222!) 

Lodging is 2 podmates per room.
If space permits (meaning we have less than 18 people), you can upgrade your lodging to a single private room for an additional $40/night paid directly to Angel Valley, at the retreat.
This is also first come, first served - so email Shannon, our registrar for this event, if you want to be on the list for a private room.

Use the button below to pay online with your Paypal account or credit/debit card.
If you would prefer to pay your balance by check, send Shannon an email and she'll let you know where to send it. 
(We love checks!)

I'm IN!
Here is my ...

Once you’ve registered and we’ve received your deposit, you’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know. 
Included with that email will be a questionnaire to gather your personal information and any special needs you may have, such as dietary or physical requirements.
All meals served at Angel Valley are vegetarian or vegan.

Cancellation Policy: 
All payments are non-refundable.
However, any monies paid beyond your non-refundable deposit can be applied to a future retreat, or to any other Dolphinity offering - including events, Attunements or private sessions - within 2 years.

Talk to Us!

Thank you for receiving this invitation.
If you’re feeling drawn to come, but you have questions, or you’d like to talk with one of us before making your decision, email us so we can answer your questions or schedule a call. 

The energy around this retreat is SO high …
On Linda's last visit to Angel Valley, she felt such a warm, open, high-frequency WELCOME to our pod – not only by the Dolphin presence there, but also by the angels and other high spiritual presences that reside there.

This retreat came together very quickly!
If you can’t be with us in April, but you wish you could, email us.
We'll put you on a list, and when we schedule the next one, you'll be the first to know.
Next time we'll give more advance notice.  :-) 

If you've signed up ... thank you!
We can’t wait to look into your eyes, hug you, squeeze you, laugh and cry with you, dance and play with you, dive deep and soar high with you!